Aneels Hair Transplant(Islamabad)

Hair Transplant Islamabad(Aneels Hair Transplant )

A lot of people think this is a very small and simple surgery, but a hairline drop like this is the most difficult surgery in our field. I have to match the density with the normal density, I have to be careful not to over use the donor area, which may be needed in the future, I have to avoid the artificial look of too much of a drop,,,, Call us if you need this ,,,,03417555512

Aneel’s Hair Transplant

Dear viewers try to understand this not an online shopping portal. This is a surgery we are talking about . Prices vary from person to person and from head to head in my practice. I surly can fix a price but that will not be beneficial for all of you . There are a lot of on line shopping sites where you can buy food and refrigerators. A lot of companies which do hair transplant deal your head as an item . We don't. We take you as an individual . We are a clinic where a lot of patients are taken care of the way they should be. Visit us for your assessment. For your convenience this visit is free of charge.

WTM Pattern Baldness

Program on Male \ Female Pattern Baldness featuring Dr. Aneel Batalvi Surgeon Produced by : Usman Javaid & Waqas Bangash.....Click on Title to watch video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC-2Up2o4kI