Pre Op Instruction

Follow this instruction from ______­­­­­­­_____ Avoid cigarette, tea, alcohol, coffee, niswar, or any soft drinks with gas in it. (You can have green tea, juice and plain water.)

Take shower with baby shampoo on the night before surgery and on the morning of surgery.

Have heavy breakfast on the morning of surgery.

Wear any front open shirt. Do not wear t-shirt or vest with close neckline. Anything that will pass over your head after transplant will destroy your transplanted hair.

Please come sharp at _________on the day of surgery to avoid being late at the end of the day.

Remaining payment that is decided during consultation will be taken on the day of surgery before we start the procedure. There will be no bargaining on the day of surgery. Please do not ask for the loan or payment in installments.

Your advance money will not be returned if you postpone your surgery without a prior notice of four days.

Your surgery date is ___________