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Hair Transplant

Hair play vital role in making one’s personality. Hair transplant  significantly improves the appearance of the patients who are facing baldness.

Aneels Hair Transplants provides the best services in the country with its latest facilities and brilliant efforts. All the latest hair transplantation methods and techniques like FUE and FUT are being performed at Aneels Hair transplant.

International Recognition

Dr. Aneel Riaz Batalvi (M.B.B.S) (M.R.C.S), having over 19 years of Experience, is one of the most senior Hair Restoration surgeons of Pakistan.

Dr. Aneel Riaz Batalvi is one of the few diplomates of the esteemed AMERICAN BOARD OF HAIR RESTORATION SURGERY providing the highest standard of Hair Transplant Surgeries in Pakistan. Visit his ABHRS Diplomate directory

Dr. Aneel Riaz Batalvi is one of the few Gold Standard Certified Hair Restoration Surgeons from the esteemed INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF HAIR RESTORATION SURGERY providing the International standard of Hair Transplant Surgeries in Pakistan. Visit his ISHRS Profile


Dr. Aneel is also a Life Member and a founder member of Association of Hair restoration Surgeons of Pakistan.


He got his medical degree from Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore Affiliated with Punjab University.

He achieved his post Graduate Surgical Diploma M.R.C.S. from The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

From the time of his graduation to the time of his post-Graduation, he worked in various fields’ of medicine and surgery making him an excellent doctor able to cure most of the problems. His main era was spent in surgical fields including plastic and cosmetic surgery both inside the country and abroad.

He got interested in the field of Hair restoration Surgery in 2007 and learned the art from the leading surgeons of that time. His self-learning spirit made him one of the best in the world in a short time.

His keen observation of the natural balding and non-balding hairline and a constant try to mimic it has made his results closest to nature as compared to the work of any other surgeon in this field. He has introduced quite a few techniques in this field and has developed new ideas about hairline design, which makes his work unique.

His vision is to create such high standards in hair transplant that people from all over the world would want to plan their surgeries in Pakistan.

Always on the outlook of new knowledge he adapts himself to every new technique that is used in the world of hair transplant.

He is one of the most recommended hair restoration surgeons in Pakistan. He has made very attractive hairline for quite a few celebrities and has worked upon many faces in show business.

Doctor Aneel In Television Show

Cost of Hair Transplant in Pakistan


Yes, they are taken from the back of patients head.

Transplanted hair does not need any medicine.

They are even stronger and grow better.

Yes, they are.

It all depends on your baldness, your donor area, your economy and the fashion you follow,(see text for details) or visit us.

Yes, they need regular hair cut by any regular Barber.

A normal Surgery lasts 6 hours an ultra fine Surgery lasts for 12 hours.

o, the Surgery is done under local anesthesia. You are awake the whole time. If you want you can even bring movies of your own choice on a USB and watch or you can use your mobile and laptop during the whole procedure while you are going through surgery.

You will be looking completely normal after surgery. There will not be any discomfort or pain. You can travel or go to work the next day of surgery.

No just one sitting and you don’t need to see us ever again, we can give all the advise you need on phone.

No, the Surgery is completely pain free