Post Op Instruction

You can bend your neck, do not bend your body so that your head is never lower than your heart.

Lie straight for two days. Put one pillow under your neck and stitched part: and one pillow under each arm.

Try to avoid taking sides.

Do not lift weight more than 10kg.
Avoid any splash of water on head for two days.
Wash your head with a mug of water and baby shampoo as told on_____________

Put some baby shampoo in a mug of water mix it well, Pour over the head. Rub the stitched part. Now pour a lot of water with the mug over the head: while rubbing the stitched part.Clean in this manner for eight days.

Now you can touch the transplanted region.

The area will feel numb for about three months then gradually it will start feeling normal.

Tonight you will apply oil in the transplanted region and wash it in the morning with regular shampoo. Continue this practice for ten days.

The transplanted hair will fall in 10 days.

Smoking is not allowed for six weeks.

Avoid hair dying for 10days.

Avoid hair cut for 10days.

Swimming is not allowed for six weeks.

Heavy weight training is not allowed for six weeks.

There will be pimple which will start from second month or fifth month. Please do not ignore them and treat them according to prescription.