Preparing For Surgery

Smoking needs to stop for 2 days before surgery and six weeks after it. Nicotine and tar reduce the result, definitely tar is more harmful than nicotine so shifting to chewing gum or patch may be beneficial but definitely not completely risk free, naswar, or paan, shisha have the same bad effect as cigarette. You can seek our advice and help for cessation of smoking for the said period, Alcohol, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks

Two days before and for 2 days after alcohol and caffeine containing products need to be avoided.

The morning of the surgery you will come with a full stomach and fully bathed using baby shampoo. Please bring a front open shirt to wear after the surgery.
After the surgery, you will be that comfortable that you can drive home comfortably and join work the next day.
You will be advised some medicine for pain and wound healing for 5 days.
The transplant will be visible after the surgery for about 15 days, after that every evidence of it will disappear so if you have a business meeting or a party coming up please plan accordingly.
The head wash in a special manner which will be described to you will start on the third day of surgery.
No caps other than what we will advise can be worn for 7 days after surgery.

Stitches are removed on the 10th day of operation. The procedure is short (15 minutes only) and quite bearable.
You will be advised further management after removal of stitches.
The patient has to wash away all the scabs form the 10th day and no evidence of hair restoration stays after 20 days of surgery.

ٹانکے آپریشن کے 10th دن پر ہٹا دیا جاتا ہے . طریقہ کار کم ہے (15 منٹ صرف) اور بہت قابل برداشت .
تم ٹانکے کی برطرفی کے بعد مزید مینجمنٹ مشورہ دیا جائے گا .
مریض تمام scabs 10th دن اور بال بحالی کا کوئی ثبوت نہیں
 سرجری کے 20 دنوں کے بعد رہتا ہے بنانے کے دور
 دھونے کے لئے ہے .

You can go to work the next day of surgery when you will be feeling nothing more than a slight discomfort. You can travel the night of the surgery if you have to.

The grafts when placed go under a shock phase for three months. They will start growing after three months and you can enjoy a change in look after about four months. Half the result will be there after six months.
We ensure a close follow up and the patient gets 24 hours help line for any question he has.

Hair restoration surgery is considered a highly technical but still a minor surgery with no major effect on the body so no special preparations are needed for it.

If you are a heart patient, we recommend that you consult your cardiologist if you can under go this surgery, with this information that we use the maximum therapeutic doses of local anaesthesia with adrenaline during the surgery. We keep the area anaesthetized for twelve hours, and post operatively a pulse therapy of steroids is given for five days. The aspirin you are taking should be stopped 10 days prior to surgery.

You blood pressure needs to be completely under control during the surgery, so you must check with your treating doctor who may have to raise your dose of medicine, he has to consider the fact that the pulse therapy of steroid that we give for five post operative days can raise you blood pressure.

All diabetics are vulnerable to delayed healing and infection of the recipient site if they are not on insulin. Please consult you physician about the possibility of conversion to insulin for two days before surgery and about 5 days after.

If yours cuts heal later than normal or your wounds bleed more than normal you may be suffering from a bleeding tendency, this condition may improve by using medicine and then you can undergo the surgery comfortably, please consult your physician for it.

Burns leave the person not only with scars but also these scars have no hair. Such scars when come into the haired region become very prominent. These areas are filled up with hair to hide the irremovable scars.

Certain diseases lead to loss of hair in a patchy fashion. Depending upon the cause, the diseases are treated and then if the hair loss is not visible the area is covered with a small strip or FUE method.

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