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The front of the head is anesthetized using local anesthesia with patient comfortably lying straight.

Custom cut blades are used which are specifically designed by us according to the grafts of the patient and depending upon his need. The sizes of the blade for the hair line are usually constant that is 0.7 mm, but the size of the blade for the front varies from 1 mm to 0.8 mm. as we proceed towards the mid and the vertex the sizes are increased to accommodate thicker grafts.

The blades are specifically shaped to create longitudinal slits so that lodging of the graft into the slit is comfortable and permanent. These blades are specifically imported and are of highest quality of titanium tipped stainless steel. The use of these blades and cutting them at the spot for different patients is a specific trait of this company, which ensures the best possible surgery without undue trauma to the tissue

The distribution, concentration and the direction is maintained according to the need of the patient.

The maximum grafts are used for the front part in a U shape – zone one and two

mid if empty gets the next quota of the hair and the rest are planted in the crown.

The hairs are placed in such a manner that they make an acute angle with the scalp. The hairs are directed forward all over the head except the crown where they naturally are in the form of whorls.

The density is tapered down as we go to the back areas as most of the quota of the hair is allotted to the front, but in some individuals with a vertex only baldness a smaller part of the donor bank is harvested to cover the baldness and leave adequate donor to cover the front in future.After the surgery you can drive home feeling no pain at all. Most of the time without a dressing.