The Hair Line

Our hairline is quite extraordinarily natural.Baldness like fingerprint is different for different individuals. Even Men who will not bald, undergo certain changes in their hair line, this change is known as frontotemporal recession

very few individuals end up retaining their juvenile hair line and these people can easily be pointed out as having a little awkward hair

With age comes the adult facies with enlargement of certain bones and laxity of the skin, a juvenile hairline on such a face is not only awkward but also may look artificial even if the hair are natural. We have mastered the art of making the hairline look completely natural and appropriate for the age. We do consider the wish of the patient to the extent of describing to them that whatever hairline we make although may not look very satisfying at the time of surgery is most suitable for the complete natural appearance of the patient and will look absolutely natural when the result materializes. Thick temples are our sole trait for we do consider this part as the most apparent part of the human face

The hairline that we draw does not follow any theory written or any trend established by other surgeons. We make it according to our own standard, and according to the baldness, we are supposed to cover.