Hairs fall due to many reasons.People who seek transplant have different views about their hair fall.

Whatever their view is-the main reason of hair fall is genetic which leads to Male Pattern Baldness. MPB

People with a genetic tendency of going bald do feel an aggravation of the situation when they move to a certain area from another- that is due to the environmental change. Many complain of losing hair after the use of certain chemicals like straighteners or hair gels.

MPB has a pattern as the name suggests, loosing hair from the front and mid part and retaining the ones in the back part is definitely a pattern consistent with it.

In MPB the hair fall due to a hormone in the body known a DHT. DHT is formed by the conversion of testosterone in the body of males by a chemical enzyme known as 5@reductase.

Any medicine that can stop this enzyme will lead to decrease in the level of DHT and thus hair fall. The ingredient in the medicine prescribed is also present in green tea and cranberry juice. So both are well known to make hairs better.


Microscopically we see that the blood vessels in the region of balding go thin as compared to blood vessels in the region of normal hair. There is a sort of inflammation around the microscopic vessel. If we give something that can increase the diameter of this vessel it may decrease hair loss.

The medicines that are used for hair fall have to be taken for a long period of time.

They will prevent a lot of hair from falling but when stopped all the hair supported by them will fall. So the common thinking is that they should not be used, but if you are faced with a comparison between drugs for hair fall and going bald, taking them is better than going bald. The side effects should be carefully balanced and monitored with the advantages. Besides, not everyone who takes any medicine will get the side effect. There are statistics and the are to be learnt and considered before taking them.

On thing is sure. The moment you stop taking the medicine the side effect will finish.

All the medicine may it be parecetamol or aspirin have there side effect. The medicine that we use for the prevention of hair loss has also its side effects, but that does not mean that they should not be taken.

Last but not the least low intensity laser light can stimulate hair growth.