Female Hair Transplant

Women also suffer from baldness. Some have the same male pattern baldness but most

show a diffused pattern.

The female as compared to male goes through a more severe psychological trauma due to baldness.The transplant in a female should be the last resort of management. We carefully check the history for the genetic pattern of hair loss, the medical problems, and the history of hair treatments.

Mainly women suffer a hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. These patients are medically managed for hormonal imbalance. If the hormonal management is not possible or has led to too severe a hair loss hair transplant is offered.

Great care is taken to protect the existing hair by keeping the density of the transplanted hair low and carefully placing them in the blank spaces. Due to the difference in the quality of the skin of a male and female there are certain draw backs in female hair transplant.

Their result is late,

They may undergo an area of complete temporary hair loss around the transplanted region.

The transplant is for a limited time of 10 to 15 years.

But still considering how important their density is for them about 10 percent of our practice consists of female patients.