In this method of donor harvesting instead of cutting the strip individual grafts are dug out using a specially designed punch mounted on a graded drill machine. The surgeon maneuvers the punch around a tuft of hair keeping in mind the invisible direction of hair in the skin, and bores into the skin cutting around the hair.

The punch revolving at a high speed cuts around the graft, and then the graft is picked out using especially designed forceps in a special manner to reduce trauma to the graft

A wider area can be used to harvest the donor and there is no resulting linear scar.

The procedure is ideal for people

Who have a poor donor area.

Whose skin is less mobile over the bone.

Who either keep their heads shaved or keep a very short trim.


FUE is a procedure of indication not choice

We use especially designed punches for the procedure and keep the damage to the graft to a minimum.

The punch holes heal in about 5 days.

The head needs to be shaved for extraction of hairs and the client goes home with a dressing for three days.