Stem cell Therapy/ PRP

Our blood contains certain growth hormones mainly on the surface of platelets. Platelets are the healing particles in the blood.


If processed in a special machine these platelets can be concentrated.


This concentrate can be injected into any part of the body like joints to reduce pain and reform torn cartilage, in skin diseases to lessen the damage and in balding scalp.

In baldness it leads to stimulation of certain dead or dying roots of hair. This is stem cell therapy.

We do it with extreme degree of caution so that you get the maximum benefit of the procedure and only the most active component of the prepared solution gets injected.

This procedure in the long run may prove to replace the need of the long term medication needed for hair fall.

Ideal for females as most of the medicines given to them have undesirable effects, this is by no means less useful for men. Especially for those individuals who have started losing their hair and need something to stop hair fall.

This is a small procedure which lasts only thirty minutes.

Multiple injections of PRP can be given in one session.

You can drive back home with absolutely no pain at all.